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Providing hands-on training for need-led innovation.

The 1-KN programme provides an introduction to the Need-Led Innovation Process — a systematic and proven approach to the identification of unmet user needs and the creative design of new technologies that takes important stakeholders into account. This programme is run in collaboration with Reuben College

The programme will include specific sessions for health-focussed areas, as an extension of the previously-run Biodesign 'Short Programme' and 'EPL-HIT'.

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The immediate aim of the programme is to provide entrepreneurial participants with the skills needed to become innovators through hands-on learning in digital innovation, mentorship, and feedback from world-leading experts. The programme provides guidance and best practice around anticipating potential hurdles early on in the innovation process.

What makes the programme unique?

The 1KN leverages a needs-pull approach rather than technology-push approach. This process starts by characterising and identifying the needs of the market, particularly within the focus areas of the UK industrial strategy. 1KN applies need-led innovation beyond healthcare to the entirety of Reuben topics.

Applications open for Reuben students

Applications will be considered from teams that has at least one Reuben College Student involved. Selected applicants will become part of the 2022-23 cohort.



The programme will run from October through December, during Michaelmas Term (8 + 1 weeks) on a once-weekly basis at Reuben College in Oxford. Teams will be given the opportunity to pitch for further mentoring from Reuben College Experts.

We seek candidates who are:

  • Serious about starting a business venture or social enterprise, but don’t necessarily have an idea or team yet;

  • Have an interest in pursuing opportunities not just within the UK but also at a global scale.

The programme seeks to recruit a maximum 16 participants, with applications open to all university members, hospital staff, as well as non-university members. However, each team will require at least one Reuben College student in their team.

Reuben students

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