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The programme builds on the global success of the Oxford Biodesign Fellowship and is run at a world-leading University.

Prof Jeroen Bergmann is Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering Science and Senior Research Fellow in Engineering & Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford. He is the Group Leader of the Natural Interaction Lab, and an Official Reuben College Fellow. His research interest is in developing new preventative and assistive technologies that allows for more natural interactions. He has experience in developing laboratory prototypes and taking them through clinical validation to make a real-world impact. His work focuses on the development, design and application of novel healthcare technologies. 

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Programme Managers (GIF)



Daniel Mogefors is the programme manager of the Global Insight Fellowship (GIF) at Oxford Healthtech Labs. Daniel was also the activity line coordinator for the EIT Health Fellowships Network, which is a comprehensive health innovation activity that presents a unique learning experience for participants. He currently runs Mogefors Consulting.

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​Dr Erfan Soliman, one of the programme managers for GIF, is a biomedical engineer and educator with experience in curriculum design, product development, and business. He is a co-founder of a digital health company focussing on infant wellness, and he is passionate about developing technologies for healthcare applications. He wears multiple hats at the University of Oxford as a stipendiary lecturer at Somerville College, a researcher in the Natural Interaction Lab, and as a former MPLS Enterprise Fellow, he also supports graduate students and early career researchers in the establishment of translational projects and spin-out companies.

Clinical lead


​Dr Mohammed Salem has over 16 years of experience. He is the Director of the Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care and CESR Fellowship programmes. He holds many awards and distinctions. He is the clinical lead for the Global Insight Fellowship (GIF) and was part of the first cohort that completed the successfully completed the Need-led Innovation programme at the University of Oxford.

He is a member of the European society of Anaesthesia, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Jordanian Pain Society, Jordanian Anaesthesia Society and Jordanian Medical Association.





Denise Dempsey is the point of contact for Oxford Healthtech Labs. As the PA for Professor Bergmann and the team, Denise is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office. 


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