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Global Insight Fellowship

Immersion-driven technology to create social impact in healthcare at a global scale. 

The fellow will be embedded in a clinical environment and will work with both local and global mentors. Working as a team, the fellow will be responsible for developing a prototyped healthcare concept which can be taken forward for clinical translation.

Candidates will be selected to form a team with complementary skills. They should possess a first class or upper second class honours degree in engineering or science, or a primary medical degree, or a Masters in Business Administration, or equivalent digital or biomedical industry experience. It is likely that a candidate will be selected from each category.

They should also possess experience of, or a significant demonstrated interest in, healthcare or social entrepreneurship, plus excellent presentation skills.

This programme is currently run within the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and only pre-selected candidates are enrolled.

Oxford Biodesign Panel Discussion, Healt
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